The Game

The Green Streets Game leads participants through a collaborative process whereby they examine the considerations involved in turning their street into a neighbourhood greenway.

Through play, participants garner an understanding of the diverse viewpoints of others, and how the space can be used in a multitude of ways. Participants come to see potential street transformation options that are grounded in real life experience and problem-solving. By the conclusion of game play, a shared community vision is co-created on the board.

The game can be used as both a learning tool and a planning tool, depending on the context of play. The objectives of the game include:

  • Forming understandings of the different experiences and needs of residents living in the same neighbourhood
  • Bringing residents together to discuss changes to their street in an inclusive, hands-on approach
  • Sparking ideas of how streets can be transformed into healthier, safer, and more community-oriented environments

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